I grew up in Winster, a small hamlet in the Lake District, Cumbria. This landscape and culture continues to have a strong influence on my life and work. After working as an Exploration Geologist internationally, I began working professionally as a Photographer and Film-maker in 2012. I now live in Manchester, the kindest city in the world. The people make it something special.
I have a curiosity about people that drives much of what I do. It is from an anthropological perspective that I approach my best work, be the subject a person or a space. I believe that images come to life when they connect us with our own subconscious attitudes to our surroundings. It is this that draws me to producing slow images that have a narrative quality and ultimately tell human stories.
I'm also Creative Director at www.bocafilms.co.uk.
Enquire here or email me at hello@davidbewick.com
Thank you for taking an interest in my work.
Thank you!
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