At the base of a mountain made of high grade Iron Ore A helicopter arrives to collect a team of Geologists who have been mapping the area to understand the extent of the deposit. 
Looking towards Pic De Fon, the highest peak in Guinea, West Africa. This is one of the largest known deposits of iron ore in the World. This range will eventually be mined and shipped to China in order to produce steel. 
In a historically militarised country, sunrise is greeted with a raising of the national colours and a rather fanciful salute. 
Brazillian work crew operate drill rigs 24/7 in an attempt to start mining as soon as possible. In this corner of the world, governance is fickle and a non operational mine makes no money. 
Iron Ore. The major ingredient in Steel. This range potentially contains over 1000,000,000 tonnes of this stuff. 
Unpredictable goverments, ciil war and political unpredictability are not the only reasons this are has never experienced industry. Baking hot sunshine, thick, dense clouds and epic wet season rain storms make working in this environment a challenge. 
A lonely drill pad amongst the thick rainforest of Guinea Forrester.
Children from the local village, Moribadou play with marbles as they await the start of a football match. 
Preparing for Market day in Moribadou on the eastern flanks of the Simandou range. This village has exploded with people from all over the region who have rushed here in the hope of finding work once the project is operational. Only a few years ago this was a village of 800 people. Now there are over 5000 residents. 
The imam of a local mosque and the coach of the local football team. Apparently the latter brings him the most challenges. 
Geologists. An Australian, a German and a South African, brought together by a love for rocks. 
The local Sports Bar. 
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