In Papua New Guinea 85% of people live off the land they live on. They pay no rent as the land is their own. They are a warm and welcoming people that are grateful for the fertility of their land. This is one corner of mother nature's garden that industrialization is yet to conquer. Watch this space... 
In preparation for a mumu, Jungle Steve collects bamboo and Banana leaves to stop the bushmeat and veggies from sticking to the hot rocks.
 Niggins and his boy stoke the fire that heats the rocks that cook the boar that lives in the bush that the eats the fruit that falls from the trees. 
Tribal Jim practices his golf swing by chopping down dozens of trees a day. The trees are used to build a hut to house his support crew.
 A well earned rest for Tribal Jim. As his muscles recover Jim contemplates the futility of attempting to protect oneself against the complexity of reality by reducing her into a series of captured moments, tainted by a pre-designed filter. Jim is not a fan of Instagram, yet he is a surrealist at heart. 
Niggins stands and gazes at Tribal Jim. Lost amongst a conflict of adoration and envy. 
In the western Highlands there is no such thing as a driving range. Tribal Jim has to rely on the generosity of bird eating spiders to catch the pine cones he uses to substitute golf balls. 
A really really really friendly looking old man with his bow and arrows. What a lovely looking bloke. 
A slightly scary looking dude with very cute kids. He either has a stunning wife or this forest does not age a man well. I suspect both. Disregard the blood red teeth and his smile is incredibly infectious. 
He may look friendly but this guy kills parrots with his little toy catapult and eats them. He openly brags that he killed two this week already. 
The hut that will house Tribal Jim and his golfing entourage. 
Corned beef and biscuits. Nice. 
An intimidating crowd watch nervously as Tribal Jim tees off.
Socks. For the first time in his life.
Thick forest and mountainous terrain make the Western Highlands act as a barrier to the global spread of industrialisation. It also makes Tribal Jim's put from the rough seem almost inconceivable.
The arch enemy of Tribal Jim; Choppy Gary. He is in a pickle here as he unsuccessfully tries to rescue his pine cone from a disastrous tee shot. 
See. Infectious smile. 
Negundi Niggins. The landowner of this ridge and Tribal head coach to Tribal Jim. He's not welcome in many parts of the valley and he and his wife have been the victims of tribal law, both were "chopped up".
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