I'm walking 1966km from Mendoza in Argentina to Porto Alegre in Brazil. These are some of the people who make my days interesting. I'll be attempting to add aportrait for every day of this ridiculous journey. 
I found these lovely old dudes just chilling in Plaza Independencia, Mendoza. Old mate on the left was quietly tending to his wonderful facial adornment before I rudely interupted. Go on old mate. 
Ignacio y Noémi.. Just doing there thing on an acequia in Mendoza. Noémi's favorite flavor of ice cream is dulce de leche but she also like pistachio, which I can only wholeheartedly agree with. I only just realised that wholeheartedly is one word, another linguistic discovery to go along with the revelation that hiccup is also spelt hiccough. Bizarre. 
I was far too confused by this strange shop and the old man who I had originally approached for a portrait who apparently had no concept of personal space to ask for their names, so they remain foreveranonymous. 
Bridger. He doesn't smoke anymore but he still loves this tatto.. and quite rightly so. A good man with an infectious smile
This man sells dulce de leche ice cream therefore he is a living legend. I was too involved in the delicous bowl of cold goodness to get his name so let's just call him "La Leyanda". 
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